The Try Guys Cook Dumplings Without A Recipe

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The Try Guys

The Try Guys

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is back! In today's episode watch us give dumplings a try and in a series first, we'll be challenged to cook IN FRONT of the judges! Ahhhh! Don't forget to get your Virtual World Premiere tickets to see Behind The Try!! They're going fast! Be the first to see the movie, get an exclusive red carpet experience, and watch it with us!
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Michelle Chen
Michelle Chen שנה לפני
When Matt and Eugene were bickering, Keith looked like a kid from divorced parents. He looked so scared 😂😳😂
A duck with a YouTube channel
A duck with a YouTube channel שנה לפני
“I wanted to honor my father. That didn’t work out, so no more honoring my father.”
In case it matters to anybody: You should avoid mixing raw pineapple with certain foods because pineapple has a property that breaks down proteins, which may cause a 'vomit' smell and taste. If you want to have pineapple in food, you should make sure you cook it a bit, so the pineapple doesn't wind up ruining the dish.
Misheel Bayasgalan
Misheel Bayasgalan שנה לפני
The key difference between Zach winging things and Eugene winging things is that Eugene has a better understanding of flavor combinations which Zach doesn't.
Rufus Raven
Rufus Raven
I feel like Zach and Eugene's friendship dynamic is underrated
WhereIsSamurai ?
WhereIsSamurai ?
why am I seeing no comments about keith yelling at zack, that was way too funny 😭😂
J שנה לפני
I love how Eugene is the wild child of without a recipe until he's paired with Zach and becomes the mom friend who watches on in horror as Zach creates even more chaotic concoctions
Perry finds a bone in his dumpling
I love how Matt looks like the literal sun every time he is on. God really has favourites and he took his sweet time with Matt.
Renee שנה לפני
As someone who does not eat pork I appreciate you guys alternating the menu to accommodate someone who doesn’t. Normally people get upset or agitated as if it’s a inconvenience. I’m from Louisiana so when I stopped eaten crawfish, pork, and catfish my family looked at me weird and still do. But I’m much healthier🙂.
I can’t believe no one is talking about this,
Elle Rocco
Elle Rocco
I gotta say I’m actually digging the seal cuts. Wasn’t expecting them, but I’m into it
Sandi Wood
Sandi Wood שנה לפני
Eugene immediately defending Ned and complimenting his creativity after Matt called Ned's dumplings ugly was friggin adorable.
Insert name here
Insert name here
Why is no one talking about how ned literally INJECTED a dumpling like vaccinating a kid😭
Zack: “Are you making a bagel?”
H Grey M
H Grey M שנה לפני
Eugene trying so hard to keep Zach from sabotaging himself
Anh Le
Anh Le
Ned: “would you believe that that whole bowl of crawfish just produced this much?”
as an asian... watching them put eggs in their dough was incredibly difficult. Eugene helping out Zach when he only said Japan and Hawaii was hilarious. Eugene was like don't make all the asians mad lol
John Kendall
John Kendall שנה לפני
That moment when you realize Eugene's boyfriend is the Eugene in the relationship.
Dandy Alandy
Dandy Alandy שנה לפני
Ned literally looks like a skinny Bradley Cooper whilst Eugene's boyfriend is the gay Sebastian Stan. I'm obsessed.
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