The Try Guys EXTREME Spicy Noodle Challenge

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The Try Guys

The Try Guys

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Who's going to make it to level 6 in this extreme spicy noodle challenge?
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Abby Wolffe
Abby Wolffe
I feel like everyone is sleeping on the fact that those noodles look so fucking delicious and I would eat the first three levels without hesitation
Hallie Wong
Hallie Wong
YB: * eats six bowls of EXTREMELY spicy noodles without breaking a sweat *
Brooke Schenderlein
Brooke Schenderlein שנה לפני
The best part of this video was “You should open early on sundays and call it Sunday service and let people see god” I cried laughing
Richard Walter
Richard Walter
Eugene saying "I need a cigarette and I don't even smoke" is a vibe and a half
DownTheRabbitHole שנה לפני
Alexandria is so overlooked. She also made to level 6
Moria Thanksgiving
Moria Thanksgiving שנה לפני
Best quote:
Kata rin
Kata rin 2 שנים לפני
I love YB. She’s just quietly, gracefully eating her noodles the whole time with that blank look on her face. It’s great.
day for nemo fish day for nemo fish
day for nemo fish day for nemo fish שנה לפני
when alex said “i just wanna b included” i FELT that
Eileen Welter
Eileen Welter שנה לפני
When Ned yells “HERE WE GO” at bowl 5, that is a Florida man battle cry.
Hallie Wong
Hallie Wong
Ned: "I'm going to take a pinch of the ghost pepper and make my own challenge."
Eugene saying only him and YB are going to complete but Ned went above and beyond just shows Ned is the true spice master of the Try Guys.
“there’s an old asian proverb that goes if your not sweating buckets your food isn’t good”
Hana Omer
Hana Omer 2 שנים לפני
Alex: “I think hot Cheetos are spicy”
Sammy Kim
Sammy Kim
I actually went to Killer Noodle after watching this despite having a low tolerance for spice and holyyyy shit. They aren't kidding, it's super spicy. I got level 2 and felt like everyone at level 6. 10/10 delicious and I highly recommend trying it yourself! 😋
Alvin Kim
Alvin Kim שנה לפני
Ned pronouncing "Mukbang" correctly and handling his own is a vibe
Why is nobody talking about the cool little speech Zach made for Alexandria at
anonymous person
anonymous person שנה לפני
Keith and Ned are like having seizures and YB is just sitting there like "oh yeah just another Tuesday dinner for me" she's honestly a vibe
Princess De la Torre
Princess De la Torre
Ned and YB :
Bucket Central
Bucket Central 2 שנים לפני
Eugene: trying to hide the pain from spice
amy rushinka
amy rushinka שנה לפני
Can I just say a huge congratulations to Zach for getting as far as he did. For someone who has health issues it’s not easy to do a challenge like this
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